Associate Membership

Associate Membership enables you to become part of our national herbal medicine community. Membership entitles you to receive our quality quarterly publication Avena, a journal containing articles of both scientific and anecdotal interest.

Membership also includes access to our inspiring annual conference, exemplifying our practical and ‘grass roots’ approach to herbal medicine and healing.

Becoming an Associate Member and being part of the NZAMH helps to strengthen awareness of herbal medicine in New Zealand, both at the community and political level. Your membership gives strength and vitality to the practice of herbal medicine in New Zealand.

The following Value Intention Statement of the NZAMH was developed in consultation with the membership:

‘Members of the NZAMH value all cultures of Aotearoa and honour our respective traditions.

We promote the wellbeing of people in our communities.

We hold the intention of care, love, and respect in our relationships with people and our environment, the land, waterways and sea from which our plants come.
We hold a safe space to welcome all who come to us, supporting their self-expression and healing choices.

We aim to uphold the education standards, ethics and competency of our members practicing herbal medicine in Aotearoa, in the context of modern healthcare.