Becoming an NZAMH member

Whatever your herbal education path has been, your application to join our herbal community is warmly welcomed. If you have graduated from one of our pre-approved college courses then your membership will be automatically accepted and swiftly processed. If you have trained elsewhere you can still apply, but it may take longer for us to carefully consider your individual case and process your application.

We have several categories of membership, please browse the different membership categories below to find the one that best fits you. If you are unsure of the right membership level for you or you have questions about the membership process, please Contact US HERE.

Once your application is received, we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible to update you on its progress or request further information.  A standard application fee of $20 incl GST is charged for all standard applications.

Professional Membership

Our Professional Membership Category includes any Medical Herbalist using their knowledge in their line of work, as well as those in clinical practice.

Becoming a professional member of the NZAMH identifies you as having completed rigorous training in the field of herbal medicine, and that your expertise and high standards are recognisable to you, the public and other healthcare professionals and institutions.

Those who achieve this status may display the title MNZAMH or Registered Herbalist (NZAMH) next to their name, as well as display the NZAMH logo on their website and other materials.

Benefits of Belonging

As a Professional NZAMH Member, you receive a wide range of benefits that you can see HERE

All Professional members and students are invited to join our Herbal Hub, the professional discussion group. This enables contact with a large group of other practising herbalists. This is a valuable platform for keeping in touch, professional assistance and mentoring.

Your membership will be supporting ongoing work in the political and educational fields of herbal medicine.

Applying for Professional Membership

Submitting a successful application requires you to fill out the form when clicking the Apply now button. Ensure you upload the necessary documentation as stipulated below and include two referees, one should be a member of the NZAMH. Full-year fees for Professional Membership are $205 incl. GST.


Please do your best to submit all the requested documentation, along with a copy of your qualification/s.

Including all the requested documentation, helps to ensure the efficient processing of your application. Applications are approved in approximately 3-month cycles coinciding with committee meetings, so depending on where you are in that cycle completed applications can take from 2 weeks – 3 months to approve. Some applications may take longer, especially if the applicant is required to do some Continuing Professional Education hours in which case they may be placed on provisional membership until completion and approval. Annual fees are adjusted accordingly to align with the acceptance of your application. 

First Aid Certificate

Professional members need to hold a current First Aid certificate with US 6400, 6401 and 6402. Please send your current copy with your application.

Non-standard Applications

A ‘non-standard application’ describes the category where an applicant trained somewhere other than the colleges listed on the application form as pre-approved by the NZAMH. If you are applying as a non-standard application (i.e. not from a pre-approved college course), you do not need to provide a First Aid Certificate until you receive confirmation that your application has been accepted. Non-standard application fees are $50 incl GST.


Associate membership

Associate Membership enables you to become part of our national herbal medicine community. Membership entitles you to receive our quality quarterly publication Avena, a journal containing articles of both scientific and anecdotal interest.

Membership also includes access to our inspiring annual conference, exemplifying our practical and ‘grassroots’ approach to herbal medicine and healing.

Becoming an Associate Member and being part of the NZAMH helps to strengthen awareness of herbal medicine in New Zealand, both at community and political levels. Your membership gives strength and vitality to the practice of herbal medicine in New Zealand.

The following Value Intention Statement of the NZAMH was developed in consultation with the membership:

Members of the NZAMH value all cultures of Aotearoa and honour our respective traditions.

We promote the well-being of people in our communities.

We hold the intention of care, love, and respect in our relationships with people and our environment, the land, waterways and sea from which our plants come.
We hold a safe space to welcome all who come to us, supporting their self-expression and healing choices.

We aim to uphold the education standards, ethics and competency of our members practising herbal medicine in Aotearoa, in the context of modern healthcare. Full-year membership fees are $150 incl. GST.


Student Membership

Herbal and Naturopathic Students may apply to join the NZAMH as student members.

The NZAMH offers students the opportunity to interact with current practising Herbalists as well as gain an understanding of the profession that is Medical Herbalism.

As well as providing opportunities for interaction and enhanced learning. The NZAMH provides guidance and support to New Zealand herbal and naturopathic students by giving frequent college talks, affordable membership fees (including discounted 1st-year Professional Membership fees), mentorship for graduates, an annual NZAMH Graduate Award and discounted Conference rates. Full-year membership fees are $50.

Students also receive an annual subscription to ‘Avena’ the professional journal of the NZAMH (4 journals per year). See Student Membership Benefits HERE