Rixt Botello

Low Dosage Methodology (Drop Dosage) for The Childbearing Year

This introductory lecture to a vast subject is presented by Rixt Botello whom has worked with & taught midwives & mothers to be for over 30 years, administering low dosage methodology (drop dosage).

Rixt was originally trained in Herbal Medicine in the 80’s in Low dosage methodology – Drop Dosage (as was every Medical Herbalist student at that time). In the years since she has researched this on a global basis for her yet to be completed book – “Low Dosage Methodology -Drop Dosage- history, philosophy and dispensing”.

She will discuss that this method of Herbal Medicine is a viable, safe and effective option throughout pregnancy and childbearing years. And that Low dosage Methodology (Drop Dosage) is still been administered by Medical Herbalist successfully worldwide.

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