Ange Palmer

Mother and grandmother, Ange Palmer graduated from the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in 2001, under the tutelage of Peter Kearns, ND. She has been in practice since but with forays into various complementary realms including co-producing an international feature documentary on climate justice, working in the hospital system, studying and teaching yoga and most recently establishing a sanctuary for studying and healing on the edge of Kahurangi National Park, in a valley bursting with medicinal plants.

Tiwaiwaka and the Interface - A Philosophical Context for Health Practice in 2021

Tiwaiwaka is a vision captured and recorded by Rob McGowan, an honorary life member of NZAMH. The Tiwaiwaka principles have been around for a long time but they have been written in a new way.  Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tāngata. When the land is well, the people will be well.

We will explore the deeper meaning of the Tiwaiwaka kaupapa and consider how we might apply this in our own lives and practices as herbalists.  We are dealing with this current ecological and social crisis, the fallout of centuries of severance of our direct connection to the natural world, largely for many of us, through culture, religion, industrialisation and now, increasingly, through technology.

 How do we reconnect? Tiwaiwaka offers us beautiful guidance for how we can begin to make those connections again. If we live in a reductionist system where everything is segmented and separate then we really need to focus on identifying and valuing the interfaces which are the zones where that connection can be essentially repaired or rebuilt, a little like a synapse where we can restart the connection. Ange uses the term ‘The Interface Space’ and is interested in recognising and supporting reconnection zones.

Ange has been working closely with Rob and others to help develop and promote the kaupapa of Tiwaiwaka over the past 18 months and shares her personal insights from this journey. She asserts that Tiwaiwaka is where phototherapeutic wisdom begins.

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