Yvonne Gattung

Dip Heb Med, Dip Nat, MNZAMH

Yvonne has been in clinical practice as a medical herbalist and Naturopath for 23 years. Her main passion and clinical practice over the years has been to help as many people was possible to have healthy babies, when they want and in good health. In the past she has been actively involved in herbal medicine education in New Zealand and still runs the Practitioner Diploma in Fertility and Reproductive Diploma.

Yvonne has featured in The TV documentary Sperm Wars has spoken at many conferences on a variety of fertility and women’s health related topics. She runs a monthly mentoring group (via the internet) supporting other practitioners with an interest in this area.

The topic for this conference – low ovarian reserve – fact or fiction was chosen because it is becoming more diagnosed and increasingly an issue for women in her clinic.

Low Ovarian Reserve – Fact or Fiction?

Ten years ago, ovarian reserve and low AMH (Anti mullerian hormone) was rarely mentioned as an issue in fertility clinics. Now it seems every second woman has this issue! Is there an actual problem or this the latest way to worry women about their ‘so called biological clock’ and urge them into IVF treatment.

Do women really run out of occytes and if so, what can we do to assist ovarian reserve. This talk will be informative, practical and relevant to clinical practice.