Rixt Botello

Harvesting Nettle Smile Rixt 3Medical Herbalist (Diploma Med Herb- Post Grad)

Aromatherapist (Diploma Aromatherapy)

Bach Flower Practitioner (International Bach Centre Certified & Trainer)

Adult Trainer (Diploma Adult Teaching)

Beauty Specialist (International Diploma)

Rixt has taught nationwide and internationally on subjects such as Herbal Medicine, Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy in universities, polytechnics, tertiary, secondary, primary & pre-school education.
She sees the plant medicine world as one to use. History has shared the knowledge and uses of these plants throughout many great cultures in our world. It has been demonstrated that the whole herb can be manufactured and processed into herbal medicine cooked as a food, blended as a cream, pressed as an oil, steeped as a tincture, boiled as a tea, dried and ground as a powder, sun-potentised as flower essences and distilled as essential oils.
Rixt loves the plant world and manufactures and grows many of her own medicines which includes distillation of hydrosol and essential oil. www.rixtsherbals.co.nz
Aroma- therapy is not just a therapy of smell but an inclusion of Medical Herbalism

The plant world is an amazing place of discovery and rewards. It is not only a place of active constituents and pharmacology but so much more of its sweetness of fragrance, touch, sight, emotional and spiritual welfare. Not only can a walk in this world enlighten and heal the physical body, but so can it enhance your senses by its fragrance, healing the mind, body and soul.

Aroma- therapy is not just a therapy of smell but an inclusion of Medical Herbalism. Enhancing the treatment one may prescribe for their client and also receiving healing from the absorption through skin and smell. Thus reaching parts of the body more rapidly and then enlightening, refreshing and “rebooting” the whole of one.

Come and discover the Herbal World of aromas. Have this enhance your practice as a Medical Herbalist and also enhance YOUR mind, body and soul, encompassing “the whole”.