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Guidelines for Membership Categorisation

It is important that as an NZAMH Member, that you have the appropriate membership type for the activities that you do. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are an appropriate member of the NZAMH as being a member of the NZAMH under an inappropriate category may be grounds for disciplinary action under clause 10(a) of the NZAMH constitution.

If you are unsure of the membership category in which you should belong please contact Val or a member of the committee for clarification.

To assist you in determining whether you are currently an appropriately classified NZAMH Member we have the following membership types (as per our constitution).

Members of the Association shall be divided into 4 classes:

  1. a) Professional members – members practising herbal medicine, including:

(i) Full or part time practitioners giving advice to clients, whether the client is paying or not;

(ii) Those involved in the formulation or manufacture of medicinal herbal products for public consumption;

(iii) Those involved in the training or supervision of students in the practice of herbal medicine.

* Professional Non-Practising – where you are an existing Professional member but are ceasing practice, you may apply for Professional Non-Practising (PNP) status.

Under PNP you may look after immediate friends and family only, you must not treat members of the public in any way. You will need to update your membership renewal paperwork to indicate that you wish to move to Professional Non-Practising (PNP) membership.

  1. b) Associate Members – members who do not practice but have an interest in herbal medicine, including

(i) Educational Institutions;

(ii) Owners and/or employees of business retailing or wholesaling herbal medicine, who do not provide herbal advice or recommend medicinal herbal product to customers;

(iii) Other Individuals.

  1. c) Student members – members who are studying herbal medicine (if you have graduated then you must apply for professional membership).
  1. d) Fellow members – elected members of long-term standing who have distinguished themselves in any branch of the profession OR rendered any conspicuous service to the Association OR retired from professional practice after long service to the profession.