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NZAMH Professional members are members practicing herbal medicine, including:

  • Full or part time practitioners giving advice to clients, whether the client is paying or not
  • Those involved in the formulation or manufacture of medicinal herbal products for public consumption.
  • Those involved in the training or supervision of students in the practice of herbal medicine.

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  • Our Student Upgrade option if you are an existing NZAMH Student Member upgrading to Professional Status

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To qualify as a Professional member of NZAMH, you will need to have a Diploma in Herbal Medicine from an approved college. Overseas training is looked at individually and judged on its own merit.

  • If you have not practiced for more than 1 year then proof of at least 30 points of continuing education, and updating of herbal knowledge is required.
  • If you have not practiced for longer than 2 years, five case studies are required for proof of continued clinical experience.
  • You will also need to hold a current first aid certificate. (Workplace first aid) Unit standard numbers. 6400: 6401: 6402