Karen Pearson

Karen began her career in Nursing back in 1993. After 3 years of intense training she emerged with a Diploma in Mental Health Nursing and a healthy thirst for knowledge. Throughout her career she has given lectures to University graduate students, has been involved in clinical research, taught in-hospital intermediate life support, written clinical policy, run a Day Hospital, been involved in managing a Nursing Agency and so much more. 5 years ago Karen decided that she needed to feed her thirst for knowledge once again by beginning her training to become a qualified Naturopath.

It is during this time that Karen truly started to “make people better”. She has formulated and adapted bespoke dietary and herbal supplementation plans for clients from the poorest areas of our society. Those without the money for Doctors visits, prescriptions, or expensive complementary therapies; Karen has taught them how to grow their own medicinal herbs and medicinal foods, and has taught them how to listen to their bodies and figure out what “fuel” drives them the best. Through these techniques Karen has been able to help many clients finally “get well” and get off the prescription medications that they have trapped on, in some cases for decades. Some of her clients have had a food budget of less than $50 per week, and yet it is with those that have the least she sees those with the greatest motivation to eat well, exercise well and “get well”.