Julia Davidson

Medical Herbalist

I trained in Herbal Medicine in England and went on to do a post graduate in nutrition over 20 years ago.  I have also studied with Brandon Bays and are a Journey Practitioner as well as with Francesca Naish and are a natural fertility practitioner.

In 1991 I went to the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol and studied with a doctor, nurse and psychologist from Blenheim New Zealand.  The Penny Brohn Centre which was then the Bristol Cancer Help Centre treated the whole person.  Patients and their families came from all over the U.K. and lived in for a weeks programme which included art, therapy, music therapy, visualization, meditation, yoga, massage, naturopaths, medical herbalists  as well as doctors, nurses and oncologists.  It was set in beautiful grounds and they had full time nurses working day and night to support the patients.  All the food was organic and fresh and grown in the beautiful grounds.

After studying here I came back to New Zealand and in 1991 set up a three day programme with doctors, nurses, surgeons and art and music therapists, massage therapists and my self as a medical herbalist and nutritionist. Patients came from all around New Zealand and stayed for three days in  Bed and Breakfasts next door to the clinic.  During my 30 years of practising I have helped many patients with cancer.  Helping them to have quality of life for however long that is.

Three years ago my two close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer and choose not to have medical treatment and sadly died.  So when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my lymph nodes I chose the best from both worlds managing my condition with the help from surgeons, oncologists, GPs and nurses whilst looking after my body with nutritious food, herbal medicine, supplements, meditation and exercise.  I have written a book called The Best of Both Worlds to raise money for cancer.  In my presentation I will be talking about how I put myself in remission, nutrients, herbal medicine and how the simple approach for all our clients is what is the most beneficial.  Breast cancer is hugely on the increase and I feel that it is important that clients realize they do not have to choose from mainstream medicine and complimentary medicine but by taking the best from both they will be giving themselves the best opportunity to be in remission.

Thank you Julia.