Eva Scherer

Eva completed her Masters Degree studies at Poland’s Institute for Agricultural Sciences (SGGW)

Despite that there was only one paper there that focused on herbs, the majority of students including Eva, had good knowledge of herbs, and how to use them, from inherited family traditions.

In Poland a large part of the population were farmers, and they developed a strong bond with the soil and nature. Love of nature was expressed within the traditions of writing, painting, music and general culture for centuries. Even in communistic times, these traditions not only survived but even flourished. You could say that Biophilia – the love of nature and affinity /interconnection with the natural world, were in her genes.

In NZ, where Eva emigrated 22 years ago, she found the same herbs she was familiar with in her home country on the other side of the world, except for her favourable one – the nettle. She was told – “in NZ nettle doesn’t grow”. What an amazing surprise when she found a big patch of strong healthy nettle In the Community Garden at Devonport in Auckland

In her presentation she will share her experience of passing Biophilia on to students from local primary schools and families that frequent Ngataringa Community Garden .She will demonstrate some of the elements of Herb Fairies Academy – a holiday programme she has developed for children in Devonport.

She shares her love of herbs with the children in a way that they enjoy – tasting, cooking, listening to stories, dancing and painting, combined with academic aspects of biology using a magnifying glass, as they play together in the Community Garden

She believes that hands on Biophilia practiced with children, is the best marketing strategy for herbalism, which serves the well-being of our planet earth.