Dr Nicky Baillie

Nicky is a registered GP and Medical Herbalist, in clinical practice for over 20 years.

Over this time she has come to realise that there are many ways to support and care for our clients. She is passionate about herbal medicine, the tradition, the practice and the potential of the plants for supporting health. She has also explored deeply the influence of our beliefs, and our minds on many aspects of health, and also in our interactions with health professionals and clients. Nicky practises Integrative Medicine at Tonic Room, and at Integrated Health Options in Auckland.

The Therapeutic Relationship

The relationship we have with our clients, how important is it?

There is growing awareness of the importance of the ‘therapeutic relationship’ in health, and how it can make a meaningful and significant difference to wellbeing. With the escalation of more complex and varied diagnostic tests, interventions, pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines, and supplements are we actually offering our clients a better experience and better health?

How do we take the best of our training, and our knowledge, to diagnose and prescribe and ‘do’?

How do we care for ourselves and sustain our own well being in this process?

And, how do we also foster a therapeutic relationship that supports each of our clients to grow and heal.

Nicky will explore what blocks and what nurtures a healthy ‘therapeutic relationship’. She will talk about self-care, mind-body medicine and share stories from her clinical practice.