Dr Airdre Grant

BA DipEd MEd PhD

Dr Airdre Grant is a Kiwi birth, who lives and works in Australia as an academic in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Southern Cross University (SCU), Lismore, NSW.

Her experience includes teaching for over 25 years, time as Director of Studies of Nature College in Sydney and researcher at NatMed Research Centre at SCU.  Her doctoral thesis explored the role of spirituality in health and holistic education. She has a research interest in education in complementary medicine and has published about the importance of philosophy as a key signature of, and identifier for, the complementary medicine. She is also published in popular press and in 2016 published Stumbling Stones, A Path through Grief, Love and Loss (HardieGrant)

At the conference Airdre will be talking about the more subtle and pervasive aspects of health such as suffering, melancholy and grief and how these can be present in clinical situation. She will talk about the complex layering that makes up health, how these natural processes of the darker side of life have value, contribute to deeper self-knowledge and truly holistic wellbeing. This is  the deep work of the clinician.