Ticket Prices

NEW Prize Draw - for all NZAMH Member Registrations 1/1/23 to 6/2/23 - win an annual membership for Geraldine Headley's Academy value AUD517. More details below. 

NZAMH Early Bird extended to 6/2/23.

Conference Pricing

Saturday and Sunday.

18th and 19th Feb

Saturday Only.

18th Feb

Sunday Only.

19th Feb

Saturday Dinner.

18th Feb (eve)

NZAMH Member
  $350 ** $210 $175 $55
NZAMH Student
  $200 $135 $120 $55
NMHNZ/Herb Federation Member
  $470 $290 $247 $65
Non Member
  $495 $305 $260 $65
Partner Dinner Only
NZAMH Committee Dinner Only
Early Bird until end of 13th Jan 2023
       ** EXTENDED TO  6th FEBRUARY   FOR NZAMH  Members
NZAMH Member
NMHNZ/Herb Federation Member
Non Member


Saturday and Sunday, Saturday Only, and Sunday Only ticket prices include morning and afternoon tea, lunch and partial payment for Saturday dinner PLUS one glass of bubbles or soft drink at Late Afternoon Drinks 5.30pm - 6.30pm Saturday at Hamilton Gardens Cafe.

Dinner ticket prices include one beer or wine, one soft drink, tea/coffee, music and dancing.


New Prize Draw - win Geraldine Headley's Academy membership for one year!

The Academy is the place for connection and education, there's recorded education for creating the business of your dreams, and this is where all the practitioners who want to work with a group can do so and are not left out on their own. The in-person connection is invaluable, we have co-working as well as coaching sessions, virtual retreats as well as action days. Value: Priceless, alternatively paid yearly it's $517.00 AUD or monthly $47.00 AUD

Conditions: draw is for NZAMH members registered 1/1/23 to 6/2/23 inclusive only; the prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

Hamilton Gardens Highlights Tour

"Discover so much more" say Hamilton Gardens. "Join our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides for a journey of hidden stories, secret symbols, interesting snippets, and new insights into some of our most popular gardens. Perfect for first-time visitors or those who want to uncover the deeper meaning behind our beautiful gardens".

Free Hamilton Gardens Highlights Tour (non-botanical) for the first 40 delegates who want to join on Friday the 17th of February 2023 from 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm. Please book a Free Garden Tour ticket. Places are limited.

What to Bring

Water bottle, cup or mug, pen and paper. 


ECO conference - let's have minimal waste!

Speaker presentation slides will be sent out after the conference (for speakers who agree to this). Sponsors and Exhibitors have been encouraged to mimimise paper usage by emailing out conference specials etc after the conference.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

10 CPD points for attending Saturday + 10 CPD points for attending Sunday = maximum 20 CPD points for attending the conference

Accommodation Options

 To find a list of options in Hamilton please click HERE

Conference Programme

 We have a great programme we want to share with you.

Our highlight is Mimi Hernandez coming all the way from North Carolina.

Please click HERE to view the Provisional Programme

Conference Sponsors

Super Early Bird Special Prize Draw - winner Benedicte Vannini!
WIN a VIP Day with Geraldine Headley

A VIP day is a virtual day that allows the winner to have Geraldine spend the entire day dedicated to them! Geraldine will be helping them get something done in a day rather than spending weeks creating it, they need to come up with a dream or goal and then the day is dedicated to actioning this goal. This involves working together for 2 hours, then working independently for 3 hours, and then getting back together for another 2 hours. At the end of the day, the winner will have a roadmap, action plan and started processes. Value: The experience will be Priceless, although it's advertised as $997.00 AUD.

Conditions: draw is for NZAMH and NMHNZ members registered by end of 31st December 2022 only; the prize cannot be exchanged for cash.