Bevin Clare

M.S., R.H., CNS, is a clinical herbalist, nutritionist, mother, plant lover, and a Professor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). Bevin’s lifelong pursuit of plant knowledge and community is central to her personal and professional life.

As an herbalist and educator, Bevin trains clinical herbalists through their clinical internship at MUIH and brings herbs into the lives of many students, clients, and practitioners with her national and international presentations.

She holds a MSc in Infectious Disease from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, serves on as an adjunct faculty member of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the New York Chiropractic College. Bevin has studied herbal medicine around the world and blends her knowledge of traditional uses of plants with modern science and contemporary healthcare strategies.

She is a board member of the United Plant Savers, a group working to protect at-risk medicinal plants in North America. Bevin has been the President of the American Herbalists Guild since 2015 and the Vice-President since 2010.

Beyond the Bottle: Botanicals as Partners in Practice

Explore the use of medicinal plants in daily, dietary preparations with therapeutic targets.

Through a case-study model, the use of plants in medicinal preparations such as soups, pestos, beverages, and even healing desserts will be shared. As herbalists, we have the option to move beyond the bottle to a sensory approach to herbal medicine which can fit seamlessly into life and practice.


Sambucus: A Global Medicine of Substance and Magic

Take a journey to discover the Sambucus genera and their application, research, and lore around the globe with specific clinical prescriptions as well as a presentation rich with the story and lore of these globally embraced plants.