Practitioner Master List

Christina (Tina) Anne Robertson

Medical Herbalist, Dip.Herb.Med


The Herbal Shop and Clinic, Hamilton

2 Lorne Street, Melville, NORTH ISLAND 3206
07 8432312
How to Make an Appointment:

To book an appointment either ring 07 8432312 or email

About Me
I have been working at the Herbal Shop and Clinic in both the dispensary and clinic for the last 15 or so years. In September 2016 I purchased The Herbal Shop and Clinic which has the largest herbal dispensary in New Zealand. I studied at The Waikato Centre For Herbal Medicine for four years. I started training under Isla Burgess and completed the course with Yvonne Gattung after she bought the college off Isla. I passed my diploma with honours. I am proud to have attended this College which focused a great deal on herbal medicine. I also tutored at the Waikato Centre for Herbal Medicine for several years and have mentored many herbal students over the years. Working in a busy dispensary for so many years is fantastic for increasing your knowledge - you get to treat thousands of people with every condition under the sun. You also get a lot of feedback from clients, which adds to increasing that knowledge. Every year I maintain my education hours by attending seminars, to keep up to date with any latest developments in herbal medicine. I am totally passionate about the philosophy and use of Western Herbal Medicine and how, as medical herbalists, we treat each person as the unique individual that they are and seek and treat the underlying causes that create health issues. My children were babies when I started the course and I have used herbal medicine on them nearly all their lives. I was involved with running a free Children's Clinic at the Herbal Shop for many years. I am passionate about both children's and adults' health and well-being and treat any condition - digestive issues, skin issues, low immunity and infections, autoimmune conditions, stress, depression, insomnia, hormonal issues, fatigue,, arthritis and other musculoskeletal pain, support during chemo and radiotherapy, support for people on large amounts of pharmacy medications - in fact just about any condition you can think of. I am also trained in drug/herb interactions. The best thing is that herbal and nutritional medicine is very effective and I have many long term and also elderly clients that can vouch for that. I believe in conservation of medicinal plants and at the Herbal Shop and Clinic we are very aware of which plants are endangered and use plants that are sustainable and plentiful.

Training & Influences
I not only love people and working with them, I love plants and trees as well, whether they are medicinal or not. My grandmother was a major influence in my life, being both a plants woman and using plants and herbs medicinally. Both my grandfathers and parents are and were fantastic gardeners as well. I am also passionate about our New Zealand native plants.

What to Expect
During an initial consultation past history, diet, lifestyle, medication and supplement use, together with all the body systems are discussed. I also use tongue diagnosis and iridology and will also suggest hair testing for food sensitivities if appropriate. Often I will request blood tests as well. It is amazing how much information can be obtained just by allowing sufficient time with each person. You can expect an initial consultation to take at least one hour for an adult and slightly less for a child. The herbs and nutrients are generally dispensed just after the consult.