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Felicity Leahy

Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

104 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand, NORTH ISLAND 6011
027 305 3304
How to Make an Appointment:

Via email or phone.

About Me
A registered Naturopath and Medical Herbalist based in Wellington, my work is dedicated to finding realistic, affordable and attainable solutions to health challenges. I assist people with a wide variety of health concerns, but have particular interest in the area of digestive, immune / autoimmune and hormonal challenges. I also work closely with local psychologists, providing dietary and lifestyle coaching to their patients to support recovery. I believe all forms of medicine should encompass the human elements of compassion, service, honesty, authenticity and integrity. I adore my work and feel very grateful to meet people each day who are courageously seeking to recover their health and vitality.

Training & Influences
I graduated from Victoria University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Molecular Pathology major) and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 2005. My Biomedical Science degree looked at the changes that occur at a metabolic level within the body when disease strikes. Whilst I’m enormously grateful for the knowledge I obtained there, it was really only half the puzzle. There was little discussion of the underlying causes of chronic disease, and foundational principles of nutrition and lifestyle were barely touched upon. I was always one of those children who asked “why, why” and I wanted to know how we can prevent things going wrong in the first place, and what actions we can take to reverse them when they do happen. I went on to complete naturopathic training in Auckland with a degree in Natural Medicine (BNatMed) focusing on nutrition and herbal medicine. This answered a lot of the questions I had about why we fall ill, and how to achieve great health. In my practice I strive to balance the wisdom of traditional approaches with the latest evidence in complementary medicine to help people achieve the outcomes they seek.

What to Expect
First appointments are 60-90 minutes where we discuss your primary health concern, how you eat and exercise, sleep quality and stress levels. I will ask questions to gain insight into what body systems and hormones may need support, such as the digestive system, the liver, the thyroid etc. Emotions and thought processes are also explored if these are playing a part in health challenges. You will leave a consultation with specific guidelines for the next 3-4 weeks that we formulate together. Sometimes further testing or nutrient supplementation / herbal medicine is considered the most effective way forward – all options will thoroughly discussed with you. You should expect to have clarity on why any lifestyle changes are necessary, how they should impact your health, and to be fully supported and given the information you need to enact any change.