Practitioner Master List

Christina Miller

Medical Herbalist

Happy In Health
42 Beach Rd, Papakura, NORTH ISLAND 2113

About Me
I believe that people deserve to be healthy and happy not living a life of pain and stress. I specialise in pain combining herbs, massage, nutrients and just a good ole talk to help bring the body and mind in line. Although I specialise in pain management I also see people with many different issues from eczema to Adrenal fatigue to Kidney failure. Its all about giving support and help to find balance and wellbeing.

Training & Influences
I studied Natural Medicine and The South Pacific School of Natural Medicine and I have studied Massage at many different establishments.

What to Expect
Your first visit will be one and a half hours long and will cover a comprehensive questionnaire covering all your body's systems. I will then see you again with a treatment plan for three months. This may include massage, herbs and supplements. How long you see me and how much will depend on your needs. Some I see on a weekly schedule others on a monthly schedule. It is all based on your needs.