Practitioner Master List

Chantal Cropp

Medical Herbalist & Naturopath

Wellington Apothecary
110A Cuba Street, Wellington, NORTH ISLAND 6011
04 801 8777

About Me
Chantal specialises in restoring balance where there is excessive stress, lack of sleep, poor digestion, or menstrual irregularities. Her focus is on increasing vitality and supporting detoxification with herbal medicine, nourishing food, deep restful sleep, and mindfulness. She encourages self-discipline along with the enjoyment of the simple things in life... like the pleasure of preparing a nourishing meal, or the delight of spending time surrounded by the natural environment.

Training & Influences
Chantal gained her qualifications at Wellpark College, where she graduated with three diplomas - Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy & Nutrition - in 2009. She then spent three years practicing at the Herbal Dispensary in Raglan, gaining valuable experience and friendships with the Herbalists there, including Karen White. She now co-owns the store and clinic Wellington Apothecary, where she has a busy clinic and has been mentoring student Naturopath & Herbalist Claire Wood.

What to Expect
Chantal has a grass roots approach to health, where whole food nutrition and mindfulness are the key foundations. You can expect advice that is simple and yet effective, where you will be encouraged to make sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes. You can also expect to have a unique herbal tonic blended for you depending on your specific requirements, that will support and strengthen your own natural body processes.