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Bridgitt McNabb

Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Reflexologist and Lymphatic Drainage therapist


Maintaining Your Health (Whakatikatika Oranga) - SERENITY

371 Gloucester Street, Napier, New Zealand, Taradale, NORTH ISLAND 4112
027 284 3781

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About Me
 I was first introduced to alternative health and herbal medicine after being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2003 and not finding much support or success with orthodox medicine. This sparked my thirst and curiosity to learn more and In 2005, my journey of health, self-discovery and learning began. I soon realised that to achieve wellness it was simply not physical balance I needed, but holistic health, including mental/emotional and my passion for life. In my clinic I have expertise in Women’s Health, Hormonal Imbalances (including thyroid, adrenals and reproductive), Gut Health, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage. My clinic also contains a liquid herbal dispensary where remedies are mixed on site and available after consultation. If remedies are not to your liking – don’t despair - herbs are available in loose leaf teas or capsules.

Training & Influences
I am a qualified, registered Medical Herbalist with the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH) and a qualified Naturopath. I am required to upskill every year with educational training in order to retain my membership. I trained at the Lotus Holistic Centre in Hastings, New Zealand. Here I gained a Bachelor in Natural Medicine, Diploma of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and a Diploma in Reflexology. It wasn’t until I started my own herbal dispensary that my true understanding of the relationship with herbal plants began. It wasn’t merely a general herbal remedy to suit all, as are available on many retail shelves. Not everybody and their constitutions thrive like this. I started to look at my client, really look at them holistically and match the herbs that suited their personalities, their constitutions. Would a client be able to take full ml dosage or would they be better off with drop dosing as they were more sensitive. Is my client floating and serene like lavender or tall and prickly in nature like milk thistle. I started to grow and continue to this day, medicinal herbs in my garden that suit me and my family’s constitution. I understood more than what the theory books showed me about the different stages of the plants life and a joy to behold when they are in their full blooming glory. The simplicity of growing medicinal herbs at my doorstep that I can instantly make into a healing remedy tea. I always ask my clients “What’s in your garden? You could make a cuppa tea of this and that”. The wonderment that my client’s experience when they realise they have the power to heal themselves, right there at their fingertips is amazing to watch.

What to Expect
I offer a brief FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss how best to achieve your wellbeing goal, using either Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy (including Nutrition), Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and Bach flower remedies.
1st consultation = 90 minutes A safe, relaxed health consultation where your concerns and goals are discussed in confidentiality. This is your opportunity to tell me your story. Cost includes Welcome Folder, 1 x Flower Essence remedy specifically mixed for you and brief wellbeing suggestions to get you started on your journey to wellness. If you appear deficient in any nutrients, suggestions are made for immediate herbal or supplement intake.
Please note: All costs involved with your Wellbeing Plan are exclusive of consultation fees. I anticipate approximately 1-3 months to see an improvement in your current state of wellbeing. Everyone has a choice and is a unique being with unique symptoms – no 2 people are exactly the same.
Your success for achieving your goals will require you to work closely with me and be consistent with any suggestions made in your Wellbeing Plan. For consultation costs, please go to