Practitioner Master List

Autumn Falk

Judea, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand, Tauranga, NORTH ISLAND 3110
027 293 1430
About Me 
I am a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist trained in Germany. In my clinic I encourage and empower people towards better health of body, mind and soul. I offer support through herbal medicine, nutrition and diet as well as incorporating my client's personal knowledge - what they know themselves - to improve their well-being and make the changes needed in their lives. I prescribe individual herbal tea formulations and blended tinctures for my clients along with off the shelf preparations as needed. Hormonal health, fertility, digestive imbalances and skin health, mental health and arthritis are common in my clinic.
Training & Influences 
I studied at the 'Institute of Phytotherapy' in Berlin, Germany. This influenced my passion for herbs and herbal infusions. Iridology became an additional tool for diagnosis and prescribing herbs to my clients. Herbal tea blends for daily use and health support to prevent, maintain and re-balance have led me to develop my herbal tea brand Herbal Potential.