Practitioner Master List

Ange Palmer

Clinical Medical Herbalist

Dip. Clin.Herb.Med

The Nelson Herbal Dispensary

40 Tukuka Street, Nelson, New Zealand, SOUTH ISLAND 7040
022 167 7958

$130 for 90 min initial consultation, follow ups based on $70 per hour

How to Make an Appointment:

Phone or email please

About Me
I have always had a strong connection to nature and nurture. As a child I loved to be under the huge old willow and walnut trees at our home, and would commune with hedgehogs in the garden at night. I was a dedicated St John’s Ambulance cadet and between the ages of 10 and 13 spent hundreds of hours through my weekends working as a nurse aid in elder-care homes. Over the next decade I was shaped by many powerful encounters on the Earth – exploring and living in remote mountain valleys in New Zealand, meeting humpback whales eye to eye in Alaska, sailing through wild waters of South East Asia, and translating on an ethno-botanical research expedition in the Sumatran rainforest in Indonesia. We were documenting medicinal plants used in the area and I had a chance encounter with a family group of hunter gatherers called Orang Rimba, people who then roamed nomadically through the dense forests. Their ability to exist entirely within their natural environment was very striking to me. Motherhood inspired me to learn about wellbeing within a natural context – homeopathy, yoga, wholefoods and herbs became part of my everyday life as my wise daughter ushered me forward into my future… In 1990 I ran a national awareness campaign around the alternatives to disposable nappies and sanitary products for Woman’s Suffrage Year and as a result of this I launched a small business called Moontime. (No longer my business, still doing great things!) Through this women-focused enterprise I became aware of how many women had lost touch with the tidal flow of their natural cycles and how many struggled with hormonal imbalance. And so I trained as a Clinical Medical Herbalist at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, graduating in 2001, determined to help and excited to enter into a partnership with plants. It was my natural calling. In 2016 I completed a 2000 hour Compassionate Practitioner Ashtanga yoga and this has become a foundational part of my life, and my work. I also work as a physio assistant at the Nelson hospital.

What to Expect
As a first time client you will need to book a 90 minute appointment. Yes! It is comprehensive. I address most health conditions and will assess your diet and lifestyle, your health history and family health trends along with investigating all the body systems to gain a whole picture of health in order to restore wellbeing. I take an in-depth case, perform a  physical examination, check your blood pressure and may refer for blood tests if necessary. I typically employ liquid herbal tinctures or herbal tablets in my treatment and sometimes I will recommend nutritional supplements. The cost of these is NOT included in the consultation fee. I also utilise flower essences to address emotional concerns in some cases. You may receive a written treatment plan, and ongoing care. My approach is not a quick fix. For most chronic health issues expect a course of treatment over about 3 months…and maybe longer. Follow up appointments will probably be required so that I can support you on your road to wellness. This is a partnership – you will need to do some work too! It is probably time for some changes and I will help you to feel empowered and knowledgeable to take the necessary steps. So…transform yourself with my help and take control of your health. I will advise you if I feel you should see your GP or another health professional.