Student Membership

Herbal and Naturopathic Students from all NZAMH Approved Colleges may apply to join the NZAMH as a student member.

The NZAMH offers students the opportunity to interact with current practising Herbalists as well as gaining an understanding of the profession that is Medical Herbalism.

As well as providing opportunities for interaction and enhanced learning the NZAMH provides guidance and support to New Zealand herbal and naturopathic students by giving frequent college talks, affordable membership fees (including discounted 1st year Professional Membership fees), mentor-ship for graduates, an annual NZAMH Graduate Award, and discounted Conference rates.

Students also receive an annual subscription to ‘Avena’ the professional journal of the NZAMH (4 journals per year).

How to Apply

 To submit a successful application requires you to down load and fill out, or complete the online Student Member Application Form and submitting all the requested documentation.

Please make sure you include all the required documentation, to ensure efficient processing of your application. Applications are approved in approximately 3 month cycles coinciding with committee meetings, so depending where you are in that cycle completed applications can take from 2 weeks – 3 months to approve.

Application Fee

Application Admin Fee: $5.00

Annual Professional Subscription fee: $50.00

TOTAL: $55.00*

*please note that online applications incur an additional fee for payment processing through Paypal.