Professional Membership

Our Professional Membership Category includes any Medical Herbalist using their knowledge in their line of work, as well as those in clinical practice.

Becoming a professional member of the NZAMH identifies you as having completed rigorous training in the field of herbal medicine, and that your expertise and high standards are recognisable to you, the public and other healthcare professionals and institutions.

Those who achieve this status may display the title MNZAMH or Registered Herbalist (NZAMH) next to their name, as well as display the NZAMH logo on their website and other materials.

Applying for Professional Membership

To submit a successful application requires you to download and fill out the form on this page. Please do your best to submit all the requested documentation, along with a copy of your qualification/s which must be signed and stamped by a Justice of the Peace (JP). We do not currently have an online form for Professional Member Applications.

Including all the requested documentation, helps to ensure efficient processing of your application. Applications are approved in approximately 3 month cycles coinciding with committee meetings, so depending where you are in that cycle completed applications can take from 2 weeks – 3 months to approve. Annual fees are adjusted accordingly to align with acceptance of your application.

First Aid Certificate

Professional members need to hold a current first aid certificate of the following or equivalent: (Workplace first aid) Unit standard numbers. 6400: 6401: 6402 There are some providers that seem to have different numbers. HLTCPR201B- Perform CPR, HLTFA201B- Provide Basic Emergency Life Support, HLTFA301C – Apply First Aid.

Non-standard Applications

A ‘non-standard application’ describes the category where an applicant trained somewhere other than the colleges listed on the application form as pre-approved by NZAMH, If you are applying as a non-standard application (i.e. not from a pre-approved college), you do not need to provide a First Aid Certificate until you receive confirmation that your application has been accepted.

Benefits of Professional Membership

As a Professional NZAMH Member you receive:

  • An annual practising certificate once you have completed annual renewal requirements.
  • Annual subscription to our quarterly journal, available only to members, which features herbal articles, political issues, committee reports and much more.
  • All members are invited to attend our annual seminar and AGM at a discounted rate (compared to that of non-members).
  • All Professional members and students are invited to join a Yahoo professional discussion group. This enables contact with a large group of other practising herbalists. This is a valuable platform for keeping in touch, professional assistance and mentoring.
  • Your membership will be supporting ongoing work in the political and educational fields of herbal medicine.
  • All Professional members will be able to advertise through our website and also receive free brochures on herbal medicine and NZAMH for their practices.