Associate Membership

Associate members of the NZAMH consist of a range of people from individuals with a ‘general interest’ in herbal medicine, to natural medicine colleges, companies and affiliated organisations (such as Government departments).

It is not for:

  • Qualified herbalists who work in retail environments (health shops)
  • Staff teaching clinical subjects at NZAMH approved colleges
  • Product formulators, ‘practitioner advisers’ or sales reps working for product manufacturers or wholesalers

In each of the above cases they need to apply for Professional Membership.

Practitioners who are not in current practice for ‘personal reasons’ may need to apply for Professional Non-Practising status. See below for further information, or contact our Membership secretary Val McArthur to discuss.

How to Apply

To submit a successful application requires you to complete the online Associate Membership Application Form (link above) and submit all the requested documentation.

Please make sure you include all the required documentation, to ensure efficient processing of your application. Applications are approved in approximately 3 month cycles coinciding with committee meetings, so depending where you are in that cycle completed applications can take from 2 weeks – 3 months to approve.

Application Fee


Application Admin Fee: $5.00

Annual Professional Subscription fee: $150.00

TOTAL: $155.00*

*please note that online applications incur an additional fee for payment processing through Paypal.


Professional Non-Practising (PNP)

This sub-category of Professional Membership has been developed in response to practitioners who for whatever reason e.g. pregnancy, travel, illness, choose to suspend their practice temporarily.

They still have access to the chat group, members discussions, voting rights, annual journal subscription, but they do not receive an annual practicing certificate.

This means they are not to ‘practice’, which from the NZAMH’s perspective includes:

  • clinical practice,
  • working in a health store, pharmacy or herbal dispensary
  • or anywhere else where they are giving advice and assistance in a professional capacity.

PNP members do not need to have an up to date first aid certificate, and are not required to submit annual CPE points, until they wish to reinstate full membership.

If the PNP member restores their full professional membership within 3 years, it is automatically granted as long as they have 30 CPE points for the previous 12 months.