Who We Are

The New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH) is the professional organisation for qualified medical herbalists and naturopaths (with appropriate herbal training) in New Zealand.

As a leading authority in the herbal medicine field, the NZAMH invite organisations or individuals to seek advice on any queries relating to clinical herbal medicine, relevant governmental policies, media or education.

All NZAMH professional members have obtained a high standard of herbal and/or naturopathic education and training. Continuing professional education is also required to enable professional members to stay registered. The title MNZAMH after a practitioners name reassures you that your practitioner has met and continues to meet these high standards.

The NZAMH offers guidance and support to New Zealand herbal and naturopathic students by giving frequent college talks, affordable membership fees, mentorship for graduates, an annual NZAMH Graduate Award, and discounted Conference rates.

There are many benefits to joining the NZAMH and these are outlined in the Joining us area of the site, where you will find the requirements for joining and downloadable application forms for membership.

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The Aims & Vision of the NZAMH

Aims of the NZAMH
  • To provide a support network for persons engaged in the study and practice of Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.
  • To act as an advisory body and uphold high standards of proficiency and conduct.
  • To promote, protect, maintain, represent and further the professional interests of members.
  • To represent members in regard to any proposed legislation concerning Herbal Medicine and to make submissions to appropriate authorities on their behalf.
  • To assist in the promotion of Herbal Medicine.
  • To encourage/provide ongoing professional education for members.
  • To publish and circulate a magazine and any other material of interest.
Vision of the NZAMH

The NZAMH vision statement is a reflection of our whole hearted belief that the people of New Zealand would greatly benefit from having medical herbalism more available in the primary health sector thus making it accessible to more patients. The NZAMH vision statement is a combination of what has already been attained, with what we continue to strive for.

The NZAMH Vision Statement:

  • Medical Herbalists are recognised by Government and the public as a profession which makes a significant contribution to primary health care in New Zealand.
  • Medical herbalists in New Zealand have access to public health funding.
  • NZAMH is seen as a leader which consults widely in complementary and alternative medicine fields.
  • NZAMH enables its members to maintain ethical and professional practice.
  • NZAMH encourages and supports member’s research into herbal medicine and practice based research.
NZAMH Constitution & Code of Ethics

NZAMH History

Embracing the time-honoured tradition of herbalism, the NZAMH is possibly the oldest natural medicine association in New Zealand having been around since at least the1930s, with some evidence to suggest formation may have been as early as 1907.

1983 – The NZAMH became an Incorporated Society

1994 – The Aotearoa Herbalists Incorporated (TAHI) became an Incorporated Society

2000 – The amalgamation of TAHI with NZAMH formed a unified national body with the name NZAMH being retained as the name of the organisation, and the name Avena being retained from TAHI as the name of their newsletter.


NZAMH Committee

The NZAMH Committee are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting in May. Throughout the year they work to maintain and strengthen our professional body. Between them they have a broad range of expertise, and they are all qualified medical herbalists. Their main aim is to ensure the continuation of the herbal medicine tradition and to promote the practice of safe, efficacious herbal medicine in New Zealand.